SVN is a repository (Test Script repository). Usually SVN server is installed in lab server and to this server, Access will be given to Automation Test Engineer.

Steps to download SVN server-Step1- open this link –
Step2- click on download now.

Step3- click on save.

Step4- Now click on the downloaded file and follow the install instruction (just click on next next).

Step5- After installation, SVN server will launch by default if not then launch it. Then right click on Repositoriesand click on Create New Repository.

Step6- Give the Repository name. (for ex- give Repository name as SpiceJet.) then click on next.

Step7– Select Single-project repository and then click on next.

Step8- Then click on Create

Step9– Click on finish.

Step10- Go to user –> Right click –> create user –> give username and password then click on OK.

Note- Now Go to eclipse. In order to integrate eclipse with SVN server. It is required to download another plugin called as Subclipse in eclipse.

Steps to download Subclipse

Step1- Open Eclipse -> go to Help -> click on Eclipse Marketplace 

Step2- in Find textbox type Subclipse and click on Go.

Step3-  Under Subclipse click on install.

Step4- Just click on next next and restart the eclipse after installation.
Step5- Now go to Window in eclipse -> show view -> click on Other

Step6- Expand SVN -> select SVN Repositories -> click on OK.

Step7- Under SVN Repositories in menu bar, click on Add SVN Repositoy.

Give the Url.

Note– To get the Url, goto SVN Server, select the created workspace -> right click -> Copy URL to Clipboard -> this will copy the Url -> now paste this Url to the above Url text box.

Step8- After pasting the Url , click on Finish.

Step9- That’s all. You are done with the setup.
Step10- Create a project in eclipse. In order to upload all the files to SVN server, select the project -> right click -> go to Team -> click on Share Project

Step11- Select SVN andclick on Next.

Step12- select ‘Use existing repository locations’ and select the repository to which you want to add your project and click on next.

Step13- Click on finish.

Step14- After wait for a while, it has added your project to SVN server. Go back to SVN server and refresh it, you will find your project name there.

Step15- Now just right click on any file/package of the Project -> go to Team -> click on Commit. -> Click on OK.

For ex- Here Owler is the Project and library is the file which has been added to SVN.

Step16- Finally added the project to SVN server. The item which has been added to SVN server, it will look like below.