Write Test Cases of Pen
Start from here- 1st we need to understand the requirement against which pen was created. Our test scenarios should be based on these factors like – type of pen (ball point, ink or felt tip), functionality of the pen, Compatibility, installation and un-installation, performance and usability. Since I don’t have requirement for pen to be tested, I presume the pen being tested is used by normal people and it would be used for their day to day writing needs and not somebody like an astronaut in space with 0 gravity or a deep sea diver who wants to write underwater.
Test cases of pen are given below: –
But keep one thing in mind that test cases for pen may vary if you have different requirements or set of requirements.
Below is given different test cases of pen which does not contain any requirements or specifications?
Test cases of pen are like that:
1. Verify the color of the pen.
2. Check GUI testing means logo of the pen maker.
3. Check Usability testing means grip of the pen.
4. Verify whether the pen is ballpoint pen or ink pen.
5. Check Integration testing means cap of the pen should easily fit beside the body of the pen.
6. Check pen should be continuously in writing mode.
Some Functional test cases for pen:
1. Check whether it writes on paper or not.
2. Verify whether the ink on the paper is belongs with the similar color as what we see in the refill.
Performance and load test cases for pen:
1. Verify how it performs when writing on wet paper.
2. Verify how it performs when writing on rough paper.
3. Verify how it performs when writing on hand because we occasionally do that
4. Check load test means when pen is pressed very hard against the tough surface then pen refill should not come out of the pen.
Negative test cases about pen:
1. Verify whether ink is available or not.
2. Check if ink is available, than the pen does not write on the paper.
3. Verify by bend the refill at multiple ends and then try to write with it.
4. Verify by dip the pen always in to the water and then write it again.
5. Check whether it write on leaves or not.
Additional test cases for pen:
1. Check usability testing means test by writing on a section of paper, Examine if you can write smoothly. It should not be writing and stopping among (with) breaks.
2. Check capability or reliability testing means Test the writing capacity (the amount of writing that is possible from a single refill) of the pen.
3. Check Robustness testing means Test wherever you can carry the pen in to your shirt and pent pocket using its cap. The cap distension should be solid enough to grip your pocket.
4. Check Compatibility testing means Test by writing on distinct types of surfaces like: rough paper, packing material, glass, leather, cotton, wood, plastic, metals like aluminum or iron, polythene sheet etc.
Source: http://selenium-makeiteasy.blogspot.com